TERMS OF SERVICE (effective November 1, 2017)

By joining this site, you agree to these Terms of Service. Please review them periodically and feel to ask for clarification if you have any questions as to the meaning of any part of the Terms of Service. Address any questions to Naturist-Christians@gmail.com.

TERMS OF SERVICE (effective November 1, 2017)

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Naturist-Christians.org is committed to educating the public in the area of Christian, international, family centered, naturist core values.

  • It is Christian in that it is committed to the teachings of Jesus Christ as found in the four gospels of the New Testament and the New Testament epistles.
  • It is international in that it is inclusive of all nations where naturists reside. All cultural views of Christian naturism are respected.
  • It is family centered in that it seeks to uphold and strengthen wholesome family values and relationships.
  • It is natural in that it supports the way life normally is, rather than artificially posed, air brushed, or staged for drawing attention to the self.
  • It is naturist in that it supports the right to live life nude while not appealing to deviant sexual impulses.
  • It defends the right of all persons to be clothes free, shame free, and accepting of their body as God created it, and of parents to raise their children with those values, seeking a healthy balance of self esteem and respect for the wider society.
Naturist-Christians.org seeks to build up the self esteem of their fellow naturists, and all members of Naturist-Christians.org should seek to do the same, with courtesy and respect in all conversations.


By using this site, you agree to these Terms of Service. These terms of service may be changed or modified at any time with or without notice. Please review them periodically.


Naturist-Christians.org was founded by Continuing Care, Inc. a religious corporation in Florida and is considered by the United States Internal Revenue Service a church. Continuing Care, Inc. - and all its activities are managed in a way consistent with fundamental Christian practice.

We are a welcoming group. We welcome all Christians and all other persons regardless of their faith but we expect that all content will be consistent with Christian principles. Like many religious groups who sponsor activities, most are not limited exclusively to members of their own faith. Examples might include housing, hospitals, adoption agencies, and many more. Most consider themselves to be acting and accepting in a way consistent with the teachings of Christ.


  • Please do NOT insult, mock or denigrate any religion or doctrine on this site regardless of the views expressed. While this site has been founded by a Quaker organization, the fundamental principles and ideals of inclusion is the policy of Naturist-Christians.org.
  • Do not state or imply that another member or group of members who have identified themselves as of one faith or no faith are to be considered lower than you. Regardless of your faith you will be accepted with respect.
  • Please do not make another member's experience on this site miserable. This includes making false accusations or persistently attacking them in the open forums.

  • Do not use profanity or foul language.
  • Do not promote illegal activity.


  • Do not insult, belittle, mock, goad, personally attack, threaten, or harass any members or groups of members. Address the context of the post, not the poster.
  • If you are flamed, do not respond in-kind. Alert staff to the situation by utilizing the report button. Do not report another member out of spite.

Do not publicly disseminate personally identifiable information such as credit card information. As this is an open website, given the circumstances of today you might wish to use a pseudonym as your name on this forum. Others may feel quite comfortable using their own names. Due to the fact that the forums on this site are purposely left open to search bots to improve the visibility of the site for such search suppliers as Google, Yahoo and others, please do not place your email addresses in the forums. This opens our members accounts and computers and this site to malicious attacks from spam generating bots. It is therefore preferred that members use the email or PM link to contact other member or administration. We do encourage all subscribers to provide a general location such as a state or large city nearby. Members from other than the United States should list their country and when reasonable identify the general area where they live. You need not be specific, especially if you live in a small town.

Naturist-Christians.org and Continuing Care, Inc. believes that your privacy is important. We are committed to preserving your privacy and will not under any circumstances sell, trade, or rent any personal information that is collected from you.

Merchandise orders will be sent to you in a envelope from Continuing Care, Inc. as will receipts for contributions if sent by regular mail. Information regarding your registration is stored in a secure location; access is limited to the NC staff. Information provided to us is used solely to identify and serve you.

Personal information including name, address, phone number and credit card number (if used) is encrypted using secure software. This ensures that all information passed through the Internet can only be read by our system.


  • Political discussion should generally be avoided. Under the Internal Revenue Service rules as well as the US Law, churches, church facilities, church publications or church websites are not to advocate or support the candidacy of any candidate for public office. This also applies to all tax exempt organizations whether they are churches or merely charitable organizations. While a minister or church member certainly has the right to his/her own political beliefs, they must not be publicized in or on anything owned, operated or controlled by the religious or charitable entity. The use of this website to advocate the candidacy of any candidate could jeopardize the exempt status of Continuing Care, Inc. and is therefore prohibited. Any such postings will be summarily removed and the poster may be banned.
  • Respect and become familiar with each forum's Statement of Purpose. We recognize that sometimes postings on one forum overlaps another or actually becomes another forum. So please try to place your posts under the proper forum. The administrators do reserve the right to move a post to a more appropriate forum including deleting it if it does not conform to these Terms of Service. Any post which violates the fundamental guidelines of respect will be removed. The decisions of the moderators are final.
  • Remember that this is a naturist site, not a site for discussion of any differences of theology from various Christian perspectives. We recongize that our subscribers may have strong views as to their own faith - but this is not a place for presenting theological debates on matters other than naturism. However, such posts which are not directly related to naturism may be posted in the Non-Naturist Forums.


  • Do not publicly release the contents of a member's private communications without permission.
  • Members shall not make posts which violate the copyrights of others or promote another work as your own. If you wish to use a part of someone else’s work please give appropriate credit. Under existing law in the United States, one is allowed to use portions of matters copyrighted, particularly if one is not gaining profit. Provisions of court decisions are to be found elsewhere for your guidance.
  • Do not advertise commercial products or services. This prohibition includes begging or soliciting donations or financial support (charitable or otherwise, for any reason) anywhere on the site.
  • Do not attempt to draw members away from this site to another site.


Be truthful about your identity. Don't impersonate other members. This does not preclude your use of a pseudonym for your name.


You are encouraged and welcomed to invite other naturists, friends and others who might be interested in naturism or to learn more about naturism to the site. We also invite those of you who wish to be active in moderating or helping to maintain the site to write to us sharing what you might be able to do. Please send all requests to NaturistChristians@gmail.com.

If you would like Naturist-Christians.org to send an invitation to some of your friends or others but do not want to be identified, send a message to: NaturistChristians@gmail.com and we will send a general invitation. If you wish send us the wording that you would like to be sent. You might want to have us send an invitation to persons who might be open to naturism but do not wish to bring up the matter yourself.


The Gallery and Personal Albums are used to depict family oriented naturism. Therefore many of the photos will be those which can be found on the Internet which depict naturist activities. We encourage our members to submit such photos which they find appropriate as well as photos taken by our members.

Do not attempt to post any photos which could be considered ADULT PHOTOS, or posed photos of a single person which do not encompass a naturist activity or naturist scenery and are suitable for all audiences. The decision posted below from the US Court of Appeals provides appropriate guidelines.

You must be a registered "User" and have posted at least 1 active post in the forums before you can upload personal photos to the personal albums. Your first post should be an introduction in the Tell everyone about yourself forum.

All images are subject to the review and discretion of the site moderators and may be removed. However, any questionable photos (not clearly in violation of law and not in violation of the above principles) will be hidden and reviewed by several moderators. Usually the poster will be contacted by a moderator of the site once a decision is made.

Courts in the United States and in many other countries have upheld publications of naturist photos. An early case in the United States (1950's) the United States Supreme Court upheld the rights of the American Sunbather’s Association (now AANR) to send their magazines through the US Mail. The Postmaster General of the US had forbidden the magazines to be distributed through the US Mail. More recently the United States Court of Appeals has provided a more definitive ruling. It is incorporated here and is part of our terms of service.

We are including as a fundamental portion of our Terms of Service the ruling of the United States Court of Appeals. Any photos which are not in conformity with this decision will not be approved and will be deleted.

The decision of the United States Court of Appeals regarding naturist photos is the law of the United States. This is a very interesting court decision as the US Customs had confiscated several hundred naturist magazines from Germany and France as being pornographic. The defendants sued and lost in the lower court. They appealed. The US Court of Appeals overturned every paragraph of the lower court's decision. They found that family naturism was a legitimate alternative life style and protected by the Constitution of the United States.

On October 23, 2000 The United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit made what was probably the clearest statement of US law regarding naturist pictures. US customs had seized naturist magazines brought in from Germany and France which depicted many photos of families, including children and teens. This decision was not appealed by the government to the Supreme Court. Therefore it stands as the proper interpretation of the law.

The US customs officer and the government had contended that the magazines were "obscene" as that term is defined by US Law. The lower court affirmed the actions of the US Customs. However on appeal the Court stated:

(All of the following statements are excerpted from the decision. The full decision is can be found in US Court of Appeals rulings on Naturist Photos. The pertinent part of the decision may be seen here and are incorporated as an integral part and requirement of all galleries.)

We hold otherwise and, therefore, reverse.

All of the magazines contain numerous photographs of nude persons, including adult males and females as well as nude minors and nude teenagers. In this case, each of the two hundred sixty-four Magazines at issue contains numerous photographs of nude children and juveniles. …

Whether the magazines are targeted to minors or adults, to the extent that the photographs are of children, they are primarily focused on children's activities, not on the children's bodies. Children are shown swimming, boating, exercising, playing with beach balls, having picnics, swinging on jungle gyms, building sand castles, riding bicycles, playing guitar, riding horses, and playing such sports as tennis, volleyball, miniature golf, and baseball. The magazines depict nudist children in various geographical locations, such as Canada, Hawaii, Brazil, France, Denmark, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Russia, and Australia. We are of the firm conviction that the District Court clearly erred in finding that these magazines appeal to the prurient interest because they contain photographs of nudist children around the world engaged in activities typical of children.

... the trier of fact should look to the following factors, among any others that may be relevant in the particular case:

  1. whether the focal point of the visual depiction is on the child's genitalia or pubic area;
  2. whether the setting of the visual depiction is sexually suggestive, i.e., in a place or pose generally associated with sexual activity;
  3. whether the child is depicted in an unnatural pose, or in inappropriate attire, considering the age of the child;
  4. whether the child is fully or partially clothed, or nude;
  5. whether the visual depiction suggests sexual coyness or a willingness to engage in sexual activity;
  6. whether the visual depiction is intended or designed to elicit a sexual response in the viewer.
Initially, we must point out that many of the photographs in the magazines do not depict genitalia at all. There are many photographs of nude women and girls, and several of these photographs show the subjects' pubic areas, but none of the photographs of females, no matter their age, show their genitalia. Several of the photographs of boys, on the other hand, do show their genitals. However, though one can see boys' genitals in some of the photographs, they are neither being "exhibited" nor "shown off." The fact that their genitals are visible is incidental to their being nude, but it is not the focal point of any of the photographs.

Moreover, in our opinion, even a most conservative, straight-laced, and puritanical viewer of the photographs could not responsibly claim that the photographs are"lewd" or that they give the impression that the subjects are "sexually unchaste or licentious." It is true that the subjects in some of the photographs are posed for the camera, but they are not posed in a way "suggestive of moral looseness." All of the photographs are of smiling, happy, and playful subjects, and none can be deemed lewd by any standard. The magazines just do not depict "lewd exhibition[s] of the genitals."

Our holding that the magazines do not depict patently offensive sexual conduct is reinforced by a comparison of the photographs in the seized magazines to the photographs by David Hamilton which appear in his volume, Age of Innocence and to the photographs which appear in Radiant Identities, Photographs by Jock Sturges. The Government does not claim that either Age of Innocence or Radiant Identities is obscene. Indeed, the parties stipulated that those volumes are regularly available for purchase at bookstores in New Jersey.

... By contrast, the tone and situation of the photographs in the instant magazines are entirely non-sexual, and the photographs contain none of the sexually provocative elements that are present in Hamilton's photographs. None of the subjects are on beds or undressing or touching their bodies in a sexual way. The magazines instead consist of brightly colored photographs of nude children, teenagers, or adults playing or smiling and posing for the camera.

Accordingly, the photographs in the magazines can neither be said to be depictions of lewd exhibitions of the genitals or to be patently offensive in any other way. The District Court erred in so holding.

(The Court then stated)... photographs provide the best 'case' that the nudism and naturism consist of normal activities engaged in by normal people." (Appellant's Brief, at 51.) We agree.

The Supreme Court explained:

The First Amendment protects works which, taken as a whole, have serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value, regardless of whether the government or a majority of the people approve of the ideas these works represent. "The protection given speech and press was fashioned to assure unfettered interchange of ideas for the bringing about of political and social changes desired by the people."

These magazines qualify for First Amendment protection because of their political value. The term "political" which we employ here is broad enough to encompass that which might tend to bring about "political and social changes." Nudists are members of an alternative community, and the magazines champion nudists' alternative lifestyle, which lifestyle the nudist community may feel is in danger of being curtailed by government regulation. It is true that the political value of these magazines is not as immediately evident as the political value of Naturally, which contains articles about the legal status of public nudity around the world and actively advocates for unregulated nudism. ... However, publications dedicated to presenting a visual depiction of an alternative lifestyle, a depiction with a decidedly Utopian flavor, have political value similar to the political value of articles criticizing government regulation of that and other lifestyles.

In conformity with the law of the United States and with Christian values, the following are specific restrictions for posting photos on Naturist-Christians.org.

Images MAY NOT contain any of the following:

  • Any images depicting or suggesting sexual activity.
  • Pornography or shots of individuals in sexually inviting poses. No photos should be posted or allowed which one could not find in such naturist magazines or publications of such periodicals of the American Association for Nude Recreation, Canadian Naturists, The Naturist Society, the International Naturist Federation or the numerous naturist magazines from Europe, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Images in which the genital areas (groin) are the primary focus of the photo are strictly forbidden and will be summarily removed.
  • Many people come to this site perhaps out of curiosity as their first introduction to naturism and look at the images of normal people - images consistent with the findings of the US Courts and which depict the best of naturism - and consistent with our Christian faith.
  • Generally photos in the albums may not include "selfies" or posed pictures of an individual unless it portrays activities or scenery consistent with naturism. Most pictures of a single person may be used as an avatar so long as it cannot be considered as being sexually suggestive.
NOTE: Image attachments and links to off-site images in forum posts must comply with these terms.


A member may use a photo of herself/himself as an avatar as long as it is not sexually provocative nor does it emphasize the genital area.
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