Naturist Christians

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Naturist Christians? - Wondering what we are all about or maybe even how someone could be a Christian and a naturist? Here is some information that will help answer your questions.

As a Christian organization, we are reluctant to charge for access to as this would discriminate against those whose financial status prevents them from participating. Hosting a site such as ours costs money; however, making even a small donation can make a big difference. If those who can afford to do so give just a few dollars occasionally, our problems are solved.

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Naturist Photos - When seeking to educate and promote our values, we have found that sometimes seeing examples means more than anything else. Here we present photos of people living their lives naturally, without clothes, without shame, and as God created it.

Search Safely - When searching popular search engines for naturist information, it's easy to get irrelevant and off topic information. We have created a search engine where you can Search naturist topics and get only relevant and useful information.