Our Core Values


Naturist-Christians.org is committed to educating the public in the area of Christian, international, family centered, naturist core values.

It is Christian in that it is committed to the teachings of Jesus Christ as found in the four gospels of the New Testament and the New Testament epistles.

It is international in that it is inclusive of all nations where naturists reside. All cultural views of Christian naturism are respected.

It is family centered in that it seeks to uphold and strengthen wholesome family values and relationships.

It is natural in that it supports the way life normally is, rather than artificially posed, air brushed, or staged for drawing attention to the self.

It is naturist in that it supports the right to live life nude while not appealing to deviant sexual impulses.

It defends the right of all persons to be clothes free, shame free, and accepting of their body as God created it, and of parents to raise their children with those values, seeking a healthy balance of self esteem and respect for the wider society.

Good Christian naturists seek to build up the self esteem of their fellow naturists, and all members of Naturist-Christians.org should seek to do the same, with courtesy and respect in all conversations.